Junior General Knowledge Test, set Christmas 1964

Imagine going home for Christmas, aged 11 to 14 years old, with your Junior General Knowledge test to research over the holiday. Don't be fooled by the 'Junior' bit, this will test you today. There's no internet to search, just your local library and, with any luck, your relations' knowledge to tap into for the answers.

Then you have to remember them all, on the first day back at school.

Diary extract January 14th 1965 " We had the genol paper today, Mrs Bingham took us and, boy, did she belt along with the questions - not caring a hoot if we hadn't finished. She told us to look up when we had finished but that didn't matter to her. It was a stinker of a paper. Thank goodness it's over!"

See how you get on. Remember it's 1964. We are still researching the answers. They will be published here shortly, we hope -that is if we can actually find all the answers

TO DISCOVER THE QUESTIONS: Click on 'Related Story - Associated Story Upload' where you can print out a PDF.

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