Christmas Quiz- early 1960s

I Remember well the Christmas quiz, 'quizzing' my parents, my three big brothers, going to the library in Dolgellau to put my nose in the books, studying all my father's many books to answer the quiz in time! Now I can say thank you to that quiz for all the general knowledge that stayed in my, then young, brain and is still in my, now old, brain!

I hated school except the sport and the Girl Guides (I was a Blue tit) but I now realise what an excellent education we were lucky enough to have!

Also the 'savoir vivre ' ( I live in France ladies ) which has enabled us to live such interesting lives. Memories are flooding back - the freezing cold, stream fed swimming pool at Glyn Malden, theatre and 'speaking proper' lessons, naps in the 'dorm' with the boarders. I was a daybug! Waiting for the bus to Fairbourne at the gate house. Had to cry out " The bus is coming Mrs Jones'- or was it Mrs Evans ? Gail Hall can help with that one ! Have an excellent 2015 everybody!

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