The Christmas Holiday General Knowledge Test Challenge 1968

On the first day back each January we always took the school's fiendish General Knowledge test. Answering all our carefully researched questions from memory. No notes allowed.

You will find it's quite challenging, to say the least. We had no prior knowledge of the content and had not studied anything related to any of the topics in school.

We understand that the questions were contributed by all members of the teaching staff. Any deemed not sufficiently challenging were returned by Miss Lickes with a request for something more taxing.

Sue Bramley, whose question sheet this is, says "I remember spending hours in my library trying to find some of the answers".

See how you get on.

TO DISCOVER THE QUESTIONS: Click on 'Related Story - Associated Story Upload' where you can print out a PDF.

TO DISCOVER THE ANSWERS: Click on 'Related Items - Model Answers to the Annual General Knowledge Test 1968' where you will also find a PDF.

Acknowledgements: Our thanks to all those who have helped out with answers but especially to Robert Forrester and to Brian Waight who researched them over a pint or two at the pub.

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