Eluned Morgan from Patagonia to DWS,1897 letter translation

The writer Eluned Morgan was the daughter of one of the first Welsh settlers to Patagonia. She was sent to DWS to complete her education in 1885. She spoke Spanish and Welsh. The language of instruction at DWS was English.

There is a story that Eluned was punished for speaking Welsh at DWS in 1885, the same year she arrived at the school. The story goes she led a school strike by way of protest. Every Welsh girl at the school walked out.

We have tried to find the evidence to support the strike taking place. It would clearly be an important story to tell on this site. But so far we have not been able to corroborate it with a contemporary account. We think there may be a letter somewhere... But where?

However, this article published in the first school magazine in 1897 long after she had left the school and returned to Patagonia, does provide an insight into her views on the importance of speaking, reading and being proud of the Welsh language and Wales. Eluned writes that she does not expect the school library to contain one Welsh book. There is a rebuttal of this by the editor at the end of the article.(See *Related Items, third item)

Eluned's letter has been translated for us by Rhiannon Gomer.

Eluned's original letter is also published on this site. Eluned Morgan is renowned today as a writer in both Patagonia and Wales.

The English translation is published here as a PDF.

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TO SEE THE ORIGINAL LETTER: Click on *Related Items

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  1. Posted by: Susan Ogden
    Posted on: 23.09.2022 at 08:01

    We have had evidence provided of a contemporary source, pleas see the story “Eluned Morgan leads a lunchtime rebellion”

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