Dr Daniel Williams Educational Fund

The Dr Daniel Williams’ Educational Fund (Charity No. 525756)

The Fund was established after the closure and sale of DWS property. There are nine trustees, four of whom meet on a monthly basis to respond to applications for grants. These grants are awarded to promote the education of young persons who have not attained the age of 25 years.

Preference for the awarding of such grants is given to:

  • Former pupils of DWS [now considering grandchildren of former pupils]
  • Persons who are resident, or who have a parent or parents, residing in the former district of Meirionnydd.

Grants are awarded towards the buying of books, musical instruments, computers, travel, studying music or other arts etc.

The Trustees follow established guidelines relating to qualifications and eligibility when considering applications.

Such application for grants may be made to the Clerk of the Trustees,