Sponsored and Lost in the 1960s

We had been preparing our feet with surgical spirits for weeks and getting sponsors for the mammoth walk we were undertaking. I can't remember the year or how old I was, possibly 1968.

From the school we proceeded up Cader Road up to the road that goes to Gregennan Lakes, but ignoring it and going straight on a drovers road that would take us over the saddle of Cader Idris down to Tal y Llyn. Tired with blistered sore feet, despite the bathing in surgical spirits, I decided to have a sit down half way up Tal y Llyn pass. My friend Ann Pugh Roberts from Arthog decided not to stop in case she couldn't get started again and carried on. I told her that I might give up and get a lift from one of the teachers.

After a rest I got my second wind and decided to carry on and made my way up the pass to turn left at the top to enter Tir Stent. I joined a group of older girls and Mrs Vaughan, the Biology Teacher. We followed the signs, but got lost, suspecting that someone had tampered with the signs we tried to fathom out the correct route. I was totally unaware that panic had struck at home when I failed to show at the school with Ann and Ann informing my parents that I had taken a lift. They suspected that I had come to some terrible harm at the hands of a stranger. We turned up terribly late; I was never allowed to go again.

Does anyone else from the lost group remember this incident?

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