SponSOREd Walk - Glyn Malden, March 1969

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SponSOREd Walk

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  1. Posted by: Chloë Thomas
    Posted on: 04.11.2014 at 19:16

    Does anyone have the poem we wrote after the walk? - something along the lines 'in the distance was Bala lake' or some such!

  2. Posted by: Lesley Athey
    Posted on: 14.03.2015 at 20:05

    Hi Chloe, no I don't have a copy of the poem but remember it well. It was a combined (Lower 3) effort - masterminded by Miss Labrum and I think it was published in the school magazine?

  3. Posted by: Chloë Thomas
    Posted on: 06.08.2023 at 19:23

    Oh my goodness, Lesley. Only 8 years late in replying! Shame there is no trace of it. That and the play about Popocatepetl.I remember staying in Arthog with you and walking on stilts in the yard. Funny thing, the town of Guérande in France near where I live is twinned with Dolgellau and we had a VIP guest over this spring. I see in one of my posts I wrote in a letter 'I hate Miss Labrum'. Oh dear.

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    From: 25 March 1969
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  • Location:Dolgellau
  • County:Merioneth
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Comments (3)