Clubs, music,entertainment, games - 1960 Prospectus

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Clubs,music,entertainment,activities, games. 1960 Prospectus

Three school orchestras, a percussion band, a school choir and a Madrigal Society. Concerts arranged, providing opportunities to hear 'first-class performers'.Each form has its own gramophone. A flourishing Dramatic Society and Literary and Debating Society, Walking Club, Science Club, Gymnastics and Badminton Clubs. Regular camps in the summer holidays for the Guides and Ranger Companies. Films shown on the school's sound film projector. Girls may have their own gardens and keep certain pets.

Physical Education - Games played every day - hockey, netball and lacrosse in winter, cricket, tennis and rounders in summer - gymnastics and dancing taught. In summer the girls learn swimming in the sea at Fairbourne where the school has a large bathing hut, or in the outdoor pool at the Junior House

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