A Walk up Cader Idris in 1934

Yesterday we went up Cader. Miss Nightingale just came into prayers in the morning and said it was a lovely day and we were all going to go up Cader. We clapped and cheered.

At ten o’clock we were all back in the gym with our boots on and our trench coats because Miss Nightingale said that although it was a nice and sunny day, it would be quite cold on top of the mountain. The teachers gave us all a packet of sandwiches and an orange. Some of the teachers were coming with us.

It seemed ever such a long way up Cader Road before we started climbing Cader itself. We left the road and started walking on the grass. We were getting hot by this time and we tied our trench coats round our waists knotting the sleeves in front. When we came to a little stream we put out faces in it and cupped our hands and had a drink. The water was clear and very cold. After that it got much steeper as we started climbing up the saddle.My legs were getting tired and instead of the grass now there were big rocks and stones to clamber over. But suddenly we were there, right at the top.

We flopped down and ate our sandwiches and sucked our oranges but it seemed no time at all before Do said it was time to go back. We were going down Foxes Path. It is very steep and no grass at all so we were slithering down the stones on our knickers. It was not long before we were on the Cader Road again but we were very tired. When we got back to school, we had boiled eggs, bread and butter and honey for supper

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