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Welcome to Dr Williams’ School, Dolgellau, North Wales 1878 -1975 

National Curriculum – KS3/4 Citizenship, History and English

World War One Homefront – How the war affected life at a girls’ school in Wales

  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Knowledge of the role children and women played in The Great War, 
  • Volunteering, 
  • Refugees, 
  • Understanding that all members of society were expected to play their part for the War effort,
  • The changing role of women, 
  • Skills in analysing and interpreting historical evidence, 
  • Local study of a significant aspect of history, 
  • Narrative texts, Report writing, Creative writing. 

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Dr Williams’ School - A Girls’ Education in Wales - Exploring

There are stories and images spanning the life of the school 1878-1975. In addition to DWS in WW1- stories, diary extracts and images of DWS 1939-45 are also recommended for a later Homefront at the school perspective.  There is also a page about ex pupils' contribution to history - Women in History.

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Story and image themes : You will find it easier to explore the themes, rather than heading straight for the Gallery. We have listed sample stories and images against each theme. The themes are as follows:  

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  • Breaking the Rules:
Escape to the Polish Corridor 1960s Eluned Morgan from Patagonia to DWS
  • Diet and Decorum:
Letters Home in World War Two by Bronwen Pugh Lunchtime Philosophy
  • Dolgellau and Beyond:
Reunion at 10 Downing Street 1921 Thanksgiving Service at School Closure 1975
  • Teaching and Learning:
Prize Day Programme 1885 Miss Dorothy Davies - a school legend
  • Pupil Experience:
Death of Winston Churchill, teenage diary 1965 Mock Election 1951
  • Music and drama:
Sybil Thorndike plays Lady Macbeth in the school hall 1941 Gillian Green on a musical life at school in the 1960s
  • Sport and Recreation:
The Hockey team 1910 Everyday life & privations of a boarding school in the 1960s
  • Trips and Outings:
The Golden Lion Hotel, Dolgellau  Memories of the Golden Lion in the 1950s     
  • Customs and traditions:
The fate of your school hat on leaving school Dancing in the Gym 1930s-1960s
  • Uniform and 'Any clothes'
Uniform inventory 1960s Third Form 1939
  • DWS Home Front 1914 :
Pressed flowers and a hand grenade donated to the school museum 1917 Entertainment at Caerynwch Military Hospital 1918

Sharing lesson ideas

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Jennie Forrester

  (Project coordinator)