Swimming in the sea at Friog

We went swimming in the sea at Friog. We went in a coach accompanied by one or two teachers and vast quantities of jam sandwiches and sticky buns stacked in huge laundry baskets covered over with white linen cloths. We changed on the beach near the rocks at the far end of the beach. We were all decently clad in one piece bathing suits; the only exception being our head girl, Gwyneth Clarke, who sported an all-white costume which was not quite a two-piece but was cut away at the sides.No one else came anywhere near her for poise and elegance and half of the junior school had a crush on her. Back in the bus, full of the jam sandwiches and sticky buns, exhilarated by our swim in what was usually rather cold water and by the freshness of a stiff breeze, we sang our way back to the school.

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    From: -- - 1934
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  • Location:Friog
  • County:Merioneth
  • Creator:Gaynor Smith
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