Eluned Morgan leads a rebellion,

CYFAILL HOFF (DEAR FRIEND) Edited by W R P George 1972. The author is the son of William George, Solicitor in Cricieth and Portmadoc, who died at the age of 101 in c1970. William George was the elder brother of Earl David Lloyd George.

CYFAILL HOFF is a collection of letters between Eluned Morgan and William George along with a few letters to other Welsh notables.

In one letter, dated April 1900 from Trelew Patagonia Eluned mentions that she is saddened to hear of the death of her hero, the Revd Michael D Jones, who, in 1885, had pleaded Eluned's case to the Headmistress of DWS when she and other Welsh pupils had organised a school protest along with banners to the Headmistress' Study. The previous day, at lunch in the Dining Room, Eluned had been punished for speaking Welsh to a fellow pupil. She was 15 and spoke only Welsh and Spanish when she first came to DWS. She was ordered to stand outside in the corridor while lunch was being served. Eluned stood up and called out to her fellow pupils in Welsh "Pob Cymraes yn yr ystafell yma nad oes arni gywilydd arddel ei gwlad na'i iaith, a ddeuwch chwi gyda mi i'r Classroom?" (Every Welsh girl in this room who is not ashamed to acknowledge her country and language, will you come with me to the Classroom?)

Every Welsh girl in the school stood and followed Eluned out. It was very serious rebellion and lasted about a week until the Revd Michael D Jones came from Llanuwchllyn to successfully plead their case.