Class of '42

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Class of '42

Form 5SC, July 1942, with form mistress, Dorothy M Davies (“Do”), just after taking School Certificate exams.

Back row (L-R): Gwen Louis-Jones, Nancy Mayer, “Mac”, Kath Allbrook, Mary Trotter, Peggy Vosey, “Mopsy”, Barbara Lloyd.

Middle row (L-R): Joan Whittingham, Barbara Mason, Kath Wills, Ronnie Rees, Mair Helena Davies, Janine Griffiths.

Front row (L-R): “Bread”, Daphne Frizell, Sophy, “Do” Davies, Sheila Miller, Novello Evans, Jean Petty, Gwladys Evans.

“Do” (pronounced “Doe”) was a DWS legend - a former boarder, who returned to the school to teach English for 42 years and retired in 1961. She was an inspiration to many pupils.

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