Terms & Conditions for using the Dr Williams' School website

By registering on the Dr Williams’ school website you are affirming that you have an association with the school and/or the Old Girls’ Association. You will receive an email confirming registered user status as soon as we have verified this association.

Registered users are entitled to view the Old Girls’ Association area of the website where information, events, images and the constitution are published.

Registered users may contribute resources in the form of personal stories, research, original records and images and may also comment on published items.

The Terms & Conditions are designed with potential website contributors in mind i.e. uploading/sharing stories and images, or commenting on what has been posted. Any comments (if enabled) are securely handled by MODx. The Names and Emails of contributors will never be shared with any third parties.

They do not apply if you are only accessing the Old Girls’ Association area for information.

However, we hope that after you have browsed the site you will decide to contribute content yourself. By adding your memories and images to this site you are helping to unfold a fascinating personal history of the school for future generations.

Click on this link to see a full version of the terms and conditions for adding material to this site.