Copyright Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to ensure users understand the implications of reproduction and publishing of material. Please read them to ensure your material can be enjoyed by everyone using the site

Download a pdf copy of these guidelines

What is copyright?

Copyright is a type of intellectual property right, which gives the owner a set of economic and intellectual privileges over the use and distribution of the work. It does not have to be claimed but automatically arises when a work is created.


1. Creator

The creator of a work, be it a photograph, text or sound recording, is in most cases also the copyright holder for the work.
What do you need to know before you upload material?

  • If it’s a photograph, the creator is the person who took the photograph
  • If it’s a written work, the creator is the person who wrote it
  • If it’s a sound recording, the creator is the producer of materials

2. Owner

Fill this in if the copyright holder is different to the person who created the item. For instance, if the person who originally created the item died and the copyright passed to their successor, include the name of the successor here.


  • Works in copyright which are uploaded to the site can be reused, subject to the Creative Commons CC NY-BC which means it may be used for non-commercial purposes if the copyright holder is credited. Should a user not agree to these licence terms, please contact the site administrator who may be able to negotiate slightly different terms.
  • This information is very important as it is illegal to reproduce or publish works which are in copyright without the copyright holder’s permission. Therefore it is imperative that every effort be made to gather this information

What to do if you know neither the Creator nor Owner:

In this case, the work is what is known as an orphan work. The Dr Williams’ school site publishes any orphan work with a ‘notice and take-down’ clause. This means that it can be taken down should the copyright holder come forward and request it.