Cataloguing Guidelines

These guidelines are to help you describe your items as fully as possible. Please take time to read through them so that everyone visiting the site can enjoy your items.

Download a pdf version of these guidelines


This should answer who, what, where, when about the item. Try to make it as descriptive as possible so that other users can find it easily

Fill in any other details that you know about the item. Include the names of people in a photograph if you know them and where they are in the picture e.g. from left to right.

Approximate Date:
Enter the date the item was created to the best of your knowledge. You can include a month if you have that much detail but don’t worry if you don’t.

Please enter any placenames such as the town/village which are relevant to the item, in most cases this will include Dolgellau. Enter unknown if applicable.

Please choose which county is most relevant to the item, e.g. Merioneth.

Please fill in this section as accurately as you can. Copyright gives the owner rights over the use of the item. Please read the copyright guidelines for more information.

A photograph’s creator is the person who took it and a text’s creator is its author. If your image is a picture of written document such as a diary, please enter the name of the person who created the hard copy document. If you don’t know who the creator is – enter unknown, please do not leave it blank. Refer to the copyright guidelines for more information.

Owner (if different):
Include the name of the copyright holder of the item if it is different from the creator. See copyright guidelines.

Check the theme(s) which you think fit best. If you like you can select more than one by holding down either the Ctrl or the Command key.

Please enter any keywords which relate to the item, e.g. for a photograph showing a group at a picnic at the seaside, the tags could be: picnic, seaside.