'Woolly stockings' - September 1930 before going away to school

I am ten and tomorrow I am going away to boarding school. This morning I sat on the bed with Mam and tried on my new black woolly stockings. I’ve never worn stockings before, only three quarter length socks. They are brown wool with a pattern round the top and you have to wear elastic bands to keep them up. We are always losing these elastic bands and Mam has to make new ones. These stockings are very long. They come all the way up my legs right to the very top and they have to be fastened with suspenders. I don’t like the suspenders at all. Mam showed me how to fasten them. They clip onto my liberty bodice, two in front and two behind and when you sit down the two behind ones are very uncomfortable. I am not wearing the stockings now but I shall have to wear then all the time at school and tomorrow I will be wearing my new black boots too.

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  • Uploaded by:Janet Cameron
  • Approximate date of item:
    From: -- September 1930
    To: -- - ----
  • Location:Unknown
  • County:Merioneth
  • Creator:Gaynor Smith
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  • Themes:Uniform & 'Any Clothes'  

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