Could someone please give me details of the walks we used to take on Saturday afternoons. There was Precipice and Torrent, walks which I can find on the ordnance map but wasn’t there one called Tops and even Lower Tops which I suppose were school names. I would love to try and walk those again, before I get too old to manage them.

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  1. Posted by: Jennifer Hutcheson
    Posted on: 20.02.2015 at 18:18

    I can't recall 'Tops' as a walk. Names for walks included Primrose Woods, Paradise (think that was up Cader Road, beyond the convent) Greenwood Tree, Turkey Farm,Traction Engine, Plantation(up above Penycoed in what was then a conifer wood)and Cymer Abbey.
    If we could recall where we went it would be good to publish destinations on the site for visitors to the area to try.

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