School Uniform inventory 1968 'Uniformity - all terms, winter and spring'

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School uniform inventory Winter and Summer 1968

The items marked on the clothing list with an asterisk had to be purchased in London at Peter Jones in Sloane Square. This inventory includes a green beret,two navy blue serge tunics 'which should be at least 4" from the ground when kneeling without belt on',at least four pairs of navy blue knickers, knicker linings, two suspender belts and twelve pocket handkerchiefs, one or two pairs of dark, plain coloured 'slacks' for weekends, a bathing costume ('one colour and one piece only'), and a green gaberdine lined trench coat.

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  • Uploaded by:Chloë THOMAS
  • Approximate date of item:
    From: -- - 1968
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  • County:Merioneth
  • Creator:Chloë Thomas
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