The New South Wing, School Magazine December 1905

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The New South Wing,  School Magazine December 1905

Front page of the school magazine in 1905, an article about the progress of the new South Wing. There are two sick rooms,a convalescent room and a nurse's room. Then there are servants' quarters, larders, a box room and hot air stands for drying boots in a large boot room.

'No wonder people hold up their hands in astonishment when they see Dr Williams' School, and compare the fees charged with the accommodation received in return!'

The school had to limit the number of boarders while this, and other work took place, so that maids could be accommodated in one of the dormitories.

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  • Approximate date of item:
    From: -- December 1905
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  • Location:Dolgellau
  • County:Merioneth
  • Creator:Unknown
  • Owner:Meirionnydd Record Office
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