The fate of your school hat on leaving?

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The fate of your school hat on leaving?

So where exactly did you throw your hat when you left DWS? We posted this question on social media'. I'm not sure how long the tradition had been in place and the closure of the railway line meant that the river (rather than Bala Lake) became the final resting place for our best hats. 'Old Girls' responded thus: 'All hats went in the river', 'My green Sunday hat was lobbed ceremoniously into the river on the way back from the last chapel of term from the bridge', 'In the river of course' 'Grey hat in Bala Lake from the steam train!', 'In the river - green hat', 'My grey hat was spun from the centre of the bridge into the river Wnion on the last day of term' 'My grey hat was thrown ceremoniously from the Lady Bridge on the last walk back from church.I wonder where all the hats ended up?'

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  1. Posted by: Jennifer Hutcheson
    Posted on: 03.01.2015 at 15:52

    The railway line to Dolgellau was close in 1963, a victim of the cuts by Dr Beeching. Up until then boarders would throw their hats from the train as they passed Bala lake on the day they left school. The route of the old line from Dolgellau to Barmouth is now the Mawddach Trail and makes for a great walk or cycle ride. The old Lady Bridge over the river Wnion,mentioned above, has been replaced.

  2. Posted by: Alison Evans
    Posted on: 13.12.2015 at 22:18

    I still have mine!

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