Swimming pool view shows pupils,two teachers and school 1966

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Swimming pool view shows pupils,two teachers and school 1966

School rules insisted on bathing costumes being in 'one piece and one colour' and plain swimming caps. Two pupils can be seen running- perhaps trying to keep warm! Campbell Thompson and Anthea Fitzjames (teachers) are also seen against a backdrop of the school building and Cader Idris.

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  1. Posted by: Sue Tate
    Posted on: 11.02.2015 at 18:56

    One of the strange things about swimming here was that I always felt twice as wet when it was raining as well. Ridiculous!
    But does anyone remember swimming in the pool at Glyn? It was fed by a mountain stream and was always freezing cold, as well as full of wildlife. Also - who remembers very sick-inducing bus rides to Fairbourne, followed by a dip in the 'proper' sea?

  2. Posted by: Susan Ogden
    Posted on: 11.02.2015 at 22:42

    Yes, I remember it well, I learnt to swim there. There are quite a few mentions of the pool in stories on the site, it would be good to find a picture of it. There is one in a 1964 brochure, but very small, perhaps someone has a photo?

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