Sick Wing -1970s

Three things stick out in my memory of sick wing. One was the enormous toilet that was like a throne. Very Victorian. Another was Miss ?,who was in charge, I can't remember her name. Whatever the complaint you described her immediate response was "are you constipated?" and she doled out an aspirin.

The third will only be known by those that spent a night in sick bay .A funny little dorm up a couple of steps, connected to the rest of the school by one other locked door. Notes could be passed under the door and you could hear all the footsteps in between lessons. It is the few reading books I remember, not great books all a bit old and out of date. But all the other occupants of sickbay in years passed had written secret messages inside them. There would be a few lines on one page with "go to page??" written further on. You could waste a few hours looking at the messages and adding your own.

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  1. Posted by: Nesta Wynn Jones
    Posted on: 24.02.2015 at 17:02

    I only spent 2 days and 1 night in 'sick bay' throughout my 6 years at DWS. Lovely crisp white cotton sheets. I was in LIV and queuing after breakfast outside 'surgery' (that small room at the side of the Art room )where Matron in starched uniform and cap came out-"NEXT" she called but she saw me shivering despite being 5th in the queue and immediately said "you are for sick bay go now".

  2. Posted by: Catherine Mason
    Posted on: 13.03.2015 at 17:07

    My first experience of sick bay was in my first term at DWS when I developed chicken pox about a week after starting in LIV. I spent ten days in isolation in a small room at the end of a corridor. I had to miss my own birthday tea so it was a bit of a trying start to my five years. I do however remember being visited by Miss Lickes - with a saucer of sweets!

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