My first day, September 1949

Apparently, as I heard some years later, when my parents drove me to DWS, on reaching Llanelltyd, I looked at Cader and said" If I need to run away how will I get over these mountains". Coming from Anglesey where the mountains were mere hillocks, Cader Idris looked huge. I have no recollection of saying this. Thankfully, there was never any need to consider running away! My six years in DWS were very happy. My belated thanks go the staff and the very good friends made during those years.

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  • Uploaded by:Dot Jones
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    From: 20 September 1949
    To: -- - ----
  • Location:Dolgellau
  • County:Merioneth
  • Creator:Dot Jones
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  • Themes:Pupil experience  

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