Music in the 30s

One of the most distinguishing features of DWS was the music. It was Miss Ingram who made sure that there was a gramophone in every classroom and a supply of classical records which she changed every week. One of my friends says she never hears Ravel’s Bolero or Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony without immediately being transported back into her old classroom.

In the years I was at DWS every class had its own orchestra and every girl in the school learnt to play a musical instrument. In addition there was a Junior and Senior orchestra; the latter played each morning for the school assembly.

Some years later, after the building of the new music wing and orchestra room in 1939, music took on a new lease of life. The school numbers were increasing all the time and additional music staff were needed to cope with the growing demands for piano and instrumental teaching.

A school choir was then formed which practised weekly for such events as Speech Day, Confirmation services and carol concerts. There were occasional larger-scale performances of such works as Bach’s 'Christmas Oratorio', Haydn’s 'Creation' and Britten’s 'Ceremony of Carols'.

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