Death of Churchill recorded in a teenage diary, January 1965

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Jennifer Hutcheson's diary, January 1965

'Winston Churchill died this morning just after 8.It is sad and now another great name will be written in history. Tonight we saw a film on Churchill's life I was nearly crying and after it was over I was depressed. I hope Lady Churchill will realise that everyone will miss him. He is to have a state funeral on Saturday, he is 90 which is a really grand age. I'm sure he will be ranked with great tacticians as Marlborough. I have prayed for him'. And the next day's entry says: 'Crush got flooded because some nit turned the tap on and forgot to turn it off' and 'We made Joan an apple pie bed but found out, thank goodness, that she doesn't like it so we changed it quick. (Illegible) is going to send me a great record by The Moody Blues.' The scan incorporates diary entries for January 24th and 25th 1965

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    From: 24 January 1965
  • Location:Dolgellau
  • County:Merioneth
  • Creator:Jennifer Hutcheson
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