Jennifer Hutcheson wearing Sunday best green "sack" 1963

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Jennifer Hutcheson wearing Sunday best green

Jen stands in the garden at home just before she starts as a boarder at Dr Williams' school. She is wearing her best Winter uniform dress, commonly known as a 'sack'. It wasn't the most loved item on the clothing inventory. The hat is also Winter uniform and was only really worn on Sundays going to church or chapel. Fawn socks and 'broad low heels with a strap' complete the look. The cuddly toy took up residence in the dormitory. This image is from a slide transparency.

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  1. Posted by: Jennifer Hutcheson
    Posted on: 04.11.2014 at 15:57

    To see the full uniform requirements in the 1960s search the site for two articles headed 'School uniform inventory 1968' where two original inventories are published.

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    From: -- September 1963
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  • Location:Chester
  • County:Outside Wales
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