Glyn Malden group 1967

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Glyn Malden group 1967

A group standing at the front of Glyn Malden in 1967. From left to right: Chloe Thomas, Nicola, Vanessa, Barbara (?), Fiona Nesbit, Katherine Griffiths and Ann (I could be wrong - it was a long time ago!)

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  1. Posted by: Chloë Thomas
    Posted on: 08.03.2015 at 20:39

    Hi Lesley,

    How strange to see a photo of me I didn't know existed! Yes that is Ann Harmer (and in a dress!!) Did you see the 'Friends on the hockey pitch' photo in the gallery - in colour no less - Pippa,Delyth, Tricia, Becky, Ruth,Ann, Lesley, Fiona? Cathy - how we grew up in 2 years!! Fun to piece the jigsaw together. I still remember learning to walk on stilts in Arthog!

  2. Posted by: Lesley Athey
    Posted on: 14.03.2015 at 19:56

    Stilts in Arthog?

  3. Posted by: Chloë Thomas
    Posted on: 14.03.2015 at 21:35

    I hope so otherwise I'm really losing it!! Hope you are well.

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Comments (3)