Enjoying the sun 1965

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Enjoying the sun

Sybil Williams, Joan Edwards and Philippa Danks - with baby doll pyjamas. This was our sewing project for the term. I don't know if anyone ever finished them!

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  1. Posted by: Jennifer Hutcheson
    Posted on: 26.07.2015 at 11:33

    I see Philippa opted for the Purple Hearts motif on the 'baby doll' pyjamas. It was either that or Green Poodles. The 'pantees', as they were called, would stretch the length of a trestle table before being sewn. Certainly never completed mine, let alone wore the things!

  2. Posted by: Sue Crowther
    Posted on: 28.07.2015 at 22:58

    I too opted for the Purple Hearts baby doll pyjamas. This was the 60s, after all. I recall making them in Connie Lu's needlework class (or club) in the Cookery Room. I don't think I ever wore them. I also made a beach robe out of cheap white towelling, decorated with horrid yellow and brown daisies. There is photo of me modelling it on Fairbourne beach.

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