Elizabeth (Bessie) Craigmyle, teacher at DWS 1886-7

Bessie went to the Aberdeen Church of Scotland Teacher Training College in 1882. This was a two year course, followed by a year’s probation. She qualified as a teacher in 1885. In 1886 she published her first volume of poetry Poems and Translations. At this point, although she was working as a teacher, she had ambitions to study medicine and become a doctor. These ambitions remained unfulfilled. In late 1886 she was appointed to teach at Dr Williams School. Although this was a long way from her family home in Aberdeen, she had a married sister, Agnes, in Chester, and was no doubt able to break her journey with a visit to her. She taught at Dr Williams School for only a few months, before being appointed to lecture in Modern Languages at Bishop Otter College in Chichester in April 1887.

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