Diary of a 11 year old - Ink Monitors - September 1931

I am ink monitor this week. You have to make sure all the inkwells in our desks are full of ink. There is a big bottle of ink in the cupboard. It’s horrid if there isn’t enough ink in your inkwell. You have to keep on putting your nib in all the time and it won’t write properly. We have monitors for everything. There are monitors to give out the books and monitors to collect the books again at the end of the lesson. And we have monitors who are supposed to keep us quiet before the teacher comes in but our monitors are not very good at that. They are only in the same form as us, not prefects or anything so we don’t take much notice of them. Some of the girls like being monitors. It is difficult to fill the inkwells properly. They are small and the ink spills over very quickly. You have to have lots of blotting paper. Our blotting paper is pink.

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    From: -- September 1931
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  • Location:DWS
  • County:Merioneth
  • Creator:Gaynor Smith
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