Diary of 11 year old - the percussion band - November 1931

Sal teaches the piano; her proper name is Miss Dodd. She is also my form teacher in 3BR. She is nice and I like my piano lessons. She doesn’t get cross with me if I play wrong notes or I can’t play the pieces. She sits down at the piano and shows me how they ought to be played. The Bull teaches music too but she is very fierce and I think lessons with her would be very frightening. Sal loves music very much so she makes you love it too. In 3BR we have percussion band lessons; everyone plays something. I play the triangle but I would really like to play the cymbals. They make such a lovely clanging sound. Sal takes our percussion band lessons and last week she asked me to be the conductor. She taught me how to beat three in a bar and four in a bar and then I conducted some of the pieces. I really enjoyed that. Every class has its own orchestra so every girl in the school plays something. It is a very musical school.

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  • Uploaded by:Janet Cameron
  • Approximate date of item:
    From: -- November 1931
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  • Location:DWS
  • County:Merioneth
  • Creator:Gaynor Smith
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  • Themes:Music and drama  

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