Diary of 11 year old - the big wooden seesaw - June 1932

This afternoon between tea and prep we went out and played jumping over the ditch. It is at the bottom of the garden and it is often wet and muddy. We stand further and further away on one side and dare each other to jump across. We wear our galoshes so it’s not too bad if we fall in. We played on the seesaw too. It is a very big wooden seesaw and we squash ourselves onto it with four or five of us on each side and one girl standing in the middle. We all like standing in the middle and we push each other off to have a turn. It’s a bit frightening being the back person on the seesaw because it goes up very high and with so many of us on it there is not much room and you have to hold on tight to the girl in front of you. We make a lot of noise on the seesaw laughing and shouting; we laugh even when we fall off although it hurts.

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    From: -- June 1932
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  • County:Merioneth
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