Diary of 11 year old -St David's Day eisteddfod 1932

Yesterday was March 1st, St David’s Day and we had our school Eisteddfod. We had been getting ready for it all the term. We had lots of competitions like they do in the real one and we had outside judges and examiners; I think they are called adjudicators. We had music, poetry, dancing and sewing competitions and all sorts of competitions. If we won a prize we got marks of our house. Mair and I are both in Moel because they always put sisters in the same house. Moel didn’t do very well yesterday; Aran won but it was very exciting. It went on all day so we didn’t have any lessons. The best bit was the chairing of the bard just like in the big Eisteddfod. A day girl who is in the sixth form won the prize and she had to sit in a big chair on the platform and she was given a little chair to take home afterwards. We all clapped and clapped and then when it was all over we went on talking and talking about it till bedtime.

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    From: 02 March 1932
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