Diary of 11 year old- Saturday mornings 1931

I am in the big school now. It’s nice to be with my friends all the time and not just for lessons. I’m in Dormie 10 and we all have a little chest of drawers to put our clothes in. We call them tops and we have to scrub them on Saturday mornings. On Saturday mornings too we have to wash our hair and Nanny combs our hair with a tooth comb in case we have nits. We also have to darn our black stockings if they have holes on them on Saturday morning. Miss Mitchell inspects our stockings but there are no holes in mine yet. Hooray.

Then on Saturday afternoons we go for a long walk but not in croc like most schools. Two of the seniors take four of the juniors and we go wherever the seniors want to go. There are lovely walks all round the school. Sometimes we have to go along the road for a bit but after that we are on the moors or hills. After tea I have a bath because my name is on the bath list for Saturday.

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    From: -- October 1931
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  • Location:DWS
  • County:Merioneth
  • Creator:Gaynor Smith
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