Diary of 11 year old - chilblains - December 1931

I’ve got chaps all over the backs of my hands. They are like little cuts and they bleed a bit and they hurt too. I always have chaps in winter when it is cold and it is really cold now. Mam gave me some jelly stuff, called Glymiel Jelly, to put on them. I have to rub it on my hands especially at night so that it can do some healing while I am asleep and my hands are nice and warm in bed. But chaps are not as bad as chilblains. Some of the girls have nasty chilblains and they hurt a lot. They usually go to Nanny and she gives them stuff to put on their chilblains. Nanny says they get chilblains from sitting too near the radiators but it’s so cold it’s hard to keep away from them. There are big radiators in all the classrooms and after lessons we sit on top of them but you have to get to the radiator first to bag a place. It’s cold in the dormies too. I have bed socks to keep my feet warm in bed and I curl right up with my knees near my chin and the blankets over my head. It’s warmer like that.

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    From: -- December 1931
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  • Location:DWS
  • County:Merioneth
  • Creator:Gaynor Smith
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  • Themes:Pupil experience  

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