Being courteous got me into trouble! 1970

It was Friday afternoon with double games and hockey of all things as the finale of the week. A gang of four of us decided that it would be more exciting to go to ‘Y Parlwr Bach’, a quaint little cafe in the town of Dolgellau for a cup of tea and a chat and of course to see if that good looking young guy who worked in Bradleys was there. We thought that four in school uniform would look conspicuous around the town so two went ahead as the advance party whilst I and another waited patiently for news of the possibility of a sighting of the young man at the shop.

The next thing a dark green 1100 (least that is what I think it was) came hurtling around the corner with Miss Morley at the wheel, thinking she wouldn’t notice us we turned our backs and faced the wall. Too late she had spotted us and beckoned us to get in; guess who was in the back - the advance party.

When we got to school, nerves had taken over, I blurted out “thank you for the lift”. Straight to the Headmistress’ office, not for missing games but for being insolent. I couldn’t convince the Head that I was merely being polite. I can’t remember what my punishment was, but I can certainly remember the school report at the end of that term stating that Eirian could be insolent at times. As you can imagine it did not go down well at home.

Can any of the other three remember this!!??

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  1. Posted by: Diana Bradburn
    Posted on: 30.01.2015 at 15:33

    Had a close brush with staff outside school grounds myself. Occasionally used to hitchhike to Barmouth on summer term weekends (I think with Sian Athey?) and had to dive into a bush very rapidly once when a member of staff came round the corner!

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