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I was at Glyn Malden in 1956 which was the junior school for girls aged 6-11 years old. Apart from the terrible homesickness at such a young age, it was a very happy place to be. My main memories are of playing outside for hours and making dens in the large grounds. There was a swimming pool, but it was very unlike a modern pool - a concrete tank fed by icy mountain stream water. I can still feel the cold and remember vividly the swimming lessons which were anything but enjoyable.

One day we were told to expect a special visitor who was coming to take photos of us and learn about our daily life. This caused much hilarity because the life portrayed was very unlike our normal existence. We were told to pretend to garden the headmistress's garden which we were never allowed near, to herd the resident flock of ducks and to be photographed eating our tea when it wasn't teatime! The associated photo shows us herding ducks.

The attached document is a copy of the article written for the Daily Post on 2nd May 1956 "The School a Nation takes to its Heart" by Jean Ware. (The original article is in too poor a state to be scanned for the site)

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