No Hot Water!

During the winter of 1946/47, I was in Dormitory 10 when the hot water boiler that supplied hot water to "tops" broke down. We had to wash in cold water for the rest of the year and were allowed 1 bath per week! My bath time was on Sunday morning after chapel in the maid's bathroom near the kitchen. When I went home on a Saturday or Sunday my first request was for a hot bath! I have always appreciated being able to have hot water "on tap"!

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  1. Posted by: Diana Bradburn
    Posted on: 30.01.2015 at 15:28

    We must have had it easy in the 60s- more than one bath a week (was it 2?) and 6 inches of hot water to luxuriate in! Does anyone else remember having to clean the bath afterwards with "gumption"?? Was this a grey/white version of the pink Chemico that my Mum used at home? So full of grit that if you didn't rinse the bath properly after cleaning the next person to bathe got a sandpapering!!

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