Early Memories at the Golden Lion.

Our parents John & Meinir Hall ran the Golden Lion Hotel. Although, we left the hotel when I was 9/10 I have very happy memories of the week end. As it has been written the Lion was a haven for the poor beleaguered inmates of DWS.

My memories are centred around the winter months, with roaring fires and lots of food. High Tea was the big meal for the girls, before they returned to school. Mountains of boiled eggs and soldiers, cakes and biscuits., Being the 1950's I think the food would have been rather plain.

The girls appeared to be very grown up, and their parents rather sophisticated. Loads of board games, especially Scrabble were popular. They seemed a noisy & fun bunch, which rather intimidated this 6/7 year old.

The uniform very much conformed to my image of Boarding School, as seen in my weekly copies of Bunty & Judy!

I am glad to hear that the Lounge at the Lion provided much needed succour and food to the then navy clad pupils.

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    From: 20 December 1958
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  • Location:Golden Lion Royal Hotel Dolgellau
  • County:Merioneth
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