Mock Election includes a Communist party candidate 1949

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 Mock Election includes a Communist party candidate 1950

Margaret Griffiths, Jeanette James, Gwyneth Powell, Pamela Thom, Anne Lloyd Davies and Mary Hewitt from Forms V1A and V1B debated at a Mock Election during the Easter Term 1949.

Margaret holds the 'VOTE LIBERAL' poster - she was related to Clement Davies (former Liberal MP for Montgomeryshire).Pam Thom and Shirley Rushton were candidates too. The Communist party is also represented by Anne and Mary who hold a poster depicting the Hammer and Sickle,with the slogan 'THE DEMOCRACY'. The other two parties appear to represent girls at the school, as opposed to other political parties current at the time.

The girls are wearing their Sunday Best school uniform for the photograph. The dress wasn't the favourite item of uniform and was generally called a sack!

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