How to eat an orange - 1965

I joined the school aged thirteen, in 1965. I remember one of my first lunches, sitting at the Head's table (each dining table was presided over by a member of staff), and on this occasion we had fresh oranges for dessert. I started to peel the orange as we did at home - using the knife, peeling round and round, so the peel came off in a curl. There was a loud cough from the Headmistress, the formidable Miss Doris B Lickes - who called down to me: 'That is not how we eat oranges here...' and she told the girl sitting next to me to demonstrate the DWS method of orange-peeling-and-eating. Using the heel of the knife, my lunch companion patiently and expertly took the the peel off in quarters. She separated out the fruit into quarters, then segments, popping each segment neatly into her mouth. Bingo. And I have done it like this ever since.

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