DWS very nearly 'Top of the Form' in a BBC Quiz show in 1958

‘Top of the Form’ was a long running BBC quiz show for school children. It was broadcast originally on ‘The Light Programme’ before switching to TV. The ‘Light Programme’ was a light entertainment forerunner to BBC Radio 2. Four pupils from each secondary school formed the teams. Their ages would have been from 12 years to 18 years. General knowledge questions were asked to individuals. The questions took account of their age. If a contestant could not answer, the same question was then asked of their opposite number in the other school. Shades of ‘University Challenge’…. so no pressure there then! Dr Williams’ School reached the Finals of the Radio version in 1958, losing to the Girls’ High School, High Wycombe. The recordings took place in the school halls of both schools. There were two quiz masters John Ellison and Robert MacDermot. If you remember this programme you will probably be able to hum the theme tune today.

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  1. Posted by: Susan Ogden
    Posted on: 17.06.2015 at 15:19

    We listened to it in Glyn Malden, sitting on the floor of the Headmistress's sitting room in our dressing gowns. It was nice to be able to stay up a bit late (after 6pm!), but we couldn't answer any of the questions.

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