Diary of 11 year old - morning assembly - November 1931

We have prayers every morning in the gym before lessons. The whole school is there and we are in the front row. Miss Nightingale, the headmistress, is on the platform just in front of us and the other teachers are there too. Miss Nightingale is a Quaker so instead of saying the prayers we have silences because the Quakers believe in silence. But it makes us want to giggle. The senior orchestra sits on the platform too and there is one girl I don’t like who plays the cello. She sits right near the front of the platform so I am very near her and today she came up to me in the corridor after prayers and said I must learn to say the Lord’s prayer properly. She is English and I am Welsh so I expect I say the words a bit differently from her. She says the word power where it says “the power and glory” should sound like “par” but it isn’t par, it’s power. I wish I didn’t have to stand so near her. Bu there is a really nice thing about prayers because our school psalm is “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills” and the gym has big mountains and you can see the mountains outside. The biggest one is Cader and Mair says we all go up it in the summer.

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